by kristin m. haney

Freelance Writing & Editing


The Services I Offer


As a writer myself, I know the importance of having a correctly edited content. I have been an editor on numerous projects, and my attention to detail makes me strive for the absolute best. There are different types and levels of editing that I provide depending on the amount of editing the content needs.

  • Light Copy Editing- This includes the double-checking of accuracy and correcting most grammatical issues with words and sentences.

  • Medium Copy Editing- This includes more structural issues in the sentences and paragraphs by correcting the flow and reworking some of the text if needed. Medium copy editing is my most commonly chosen level of copy editing.

  • Heavy Copy Editing- This includes all of the above as well as correcting more structural issues of the document by the reordering of paragraphs or elimination of repetitive text if needed.


As a freelance writer, I am here to help you share your message. I work closely with my clients to keep the content I write authentic, and I look for clients with shared interests, purpose, and values. I offer my services as either a ghostwriter or a credited author.

  • Blogs

    Bylined Blog Posts— I am listed as the author and receive a short byline and link to my website.

    Ghostwritten Blog Posts— You choose who you will list as the author and give credit to for the blog post.

  • Books

    The types of books I write include Non-Fiction, Self-help & Self-improvement, Business, Biographies & Memoirs, and Christian.

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