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No Shame in Hope

It’s crazy how you can hear something years ago and never realize how much it still affects your life today. For me, that is “Don’t get your hopes up.” It’s a common saying that is meant to protect. It’s said so that you won’t get disappointed or embarrassed if what you’re waiting on doesn’t come through. I don’t know where this saying originated, but I feel sorry for whoever said it. Because I would . . .

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Talents, Gifts, & Qualification

 I know a lot of successful people. Some went to college, and some didn't. Personally, one of the scariest decisions I ever made was choosing not to go to college. I was afraid because I thought no one would give me a chance because I wasn't what a lot of the world would call "qualified." I was scared of the people who believe that if you don’t go to college, you aren’t qualified to do what you do. But if we are going to live in that limitation, we might as well . . .

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