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7 Rules I Follow When Packing a Suitcase

Photo by STIL

Photo by STIL

Ever since I was sixteen, I’ve almost always had a suitcase in the corner of my room always ready to be packed. And right now, I practically live out of my suitcase. Needless to say, these seven things have come to my rescue when packing.

Rule 1. Roll Clothes

I’ll never go back to folding clothes when packing ever again. Rolling clothes will help reduce wrinkles and make the most of your suitcase space.

Rule 2. Use the Inside of Shoes

You have to pack a pair or two of shoes in your suitcase anyway, so you might as well put them to use. I always stuff socks in the inside of my shoes to make use of that extra space.

Rule 3. Bring Extra Bags

Extra bags always come in handy. They are great for keeping dirty laundry or shoes away from clean clothes. An extra backpack or purse is great to have as well.

Rule 4. Use the Lining of the Suitcase

Those extra bags we just talked about—the lining of your suitcase is a great place to put them. Just unzip the lining and lay the bags flat in the lining.

Rule 5. Use Packing Cubes

For an organizer like myself, packing cubes are the best. No more unrolling all of your clothes while digging through your suitcase for that specific shirt at the bottom. And these are great to place in dresser drawers for long stays without completely unpacking.

Rule 6. Remember I Can Always Buy the Small Stuff

If you want to free yourself of the hassle of bringing all those small toiletries, just buy those things when you reach your destination and discard them before you head home. This will save you space and a headache if you’re traveling with a carry-on.

Rule 7. Save Some Space

Save space for souvenirs! Even with short and local trips, I’ve noticed I always pick up things that I have to make room for in my suitcase. Saving space can never hurt.

Hopefully these tips will help if you’re planning an awesome vacation this summer or if you’re like me, always with a suitcase near by. Either way, wishing you happy travels!

— Kristin