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18 Things I Can't Live Without This Summer

Photo by Jason Blackeye

Photo by Jason Blackeye

So, I really wanted to do a fun summer themed article this week. And because I’ve been to several meetings these past few weeks, and talked about myself a lot, I’ve discovered a few things I really can’t live without this summer.

1) My Bible

Okay, this one isn’t just a summer thing, but I have a goal of starting to memorize more scriptures. So I’m keeping this one here.

2) A Good Book

Keeping with the theme of books, I can’t go a summer without finding a good novel to read. And I need suggestions, so drop the name of your favorite book in the comments for me.

3) A Summer Playlist

I mean, how can you live without good music?

4) My Sunroof

First summer ever having a car with a sunroof . . . yay!

5) A Hiking Trip

One of my favorite things about summer. 

6) BB Cream

Sunscreen and minimal makeup all day everyday.

7) A Swimsuit

Hopefully for the beach.

8) Flip-Flops

I probably won’t see closed toed shoes again until fall.

9) Panera Bread’s Green Tea

Need I say more?

10) My Journal

This one really shouldn’t surprise you.

11) A Road Trip

A summer isn’t complete without an adventure.

12) A Cookout

Burgers, hot dogs, and sweet tea—all the good things.

13) Fireworks

And not just for the Fourth of July.

14) Water

For staying hydrated, but mainly for swimming.

15) A Porch

My favorite place to spend summer days.

16) Fruit

More watermelon, strawberries, and peaches please.

17) Movies

Is it just me or is the movie theater better in the summer?

18)  Friends and Family

All those summer memories.